Review & Swatches: Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in Pumpkin Spice

Sugarpill recently released a limited edition pressed eyeshadow called Pumpkin Spice! Unfortunately, it is now sold out but I still wanted to put up my review of it in case people wanted swatches for comparisons, they somehow find it to buy, or you know... if someone is planning a secret giveaway for it in a few weeks...

Moving on...

Pumpkin Spice is a super metallic "rustic copper color with warm golden flecks." Sugarpill claims that the texture is soft and smooth. If you go to their Instagram, they do compare it to their loose pigment in Penelope but say that it's more red. This eyeshadow contains 3.5 grams / 0.12 ounces of product and retailed for $12.

As you can see in the above picture, HOLY SMOKES THIS PRODUCT ALREADY LOOKS GORGEOUS. This product is pretty much shimmers and glitters. Pumpkin Spice looks like a metallic vibrant coppery orange on me. The metallic aspect really captures the light on the high points of your eye.

The texture of this product is very similar to the L'oreal Infallible shadows. It is very soft to the touch and a slight push into the product can create a dent. Because of the texture, I recommend using a flat and dense brush to pick up the product.

The best way to use this product would be with your fingers though. For the above swatch, I used my fingers and it definitely made the swatch look a lot more smooth.

Left - I applied a matte midtone brown in my crease as a transition shade
Middle & Right - Pumpkin Spice applied wet on my lid

Even though Pumpkin Spice is gorgeous, it is way too bright and warm for me to use alone. I have to put some kind of transition shade on my lid or at least a matte shade in my outer corner to tone it down.

For the above swatch, I applied Pumpkin Spice dry with a flat brush and blended out the edges with a clean fluffy brush.

For the final look, I used Pumpkin Spice wet and focused it on the center of my lid to get a more foiled effect.

I much prefer using this eyeshadow wet since it reduces the amount of fall out during application. I find that I will get fallout regardless of how I apply it and so I try to put it on before foundation. Once I get it on my eyes and finish my makeup, the eyeshadow does stay put and lasts all day though.

For contact wearers, the fallout did not make my eyes feel irritated. Surprisingly, the mascara I used did flake and irritate my eyes during the wear test though.

Pumpkin Spice is also extremely pigmented and I keep forgetting that when I use it. I would sometimes just want a pop of color on the center of my lid and then it would somehow be enough for my whole lid.

Final thoughts: I do really like this eyeshadow, but I wouldn't try too hard to find it since it is sold out. It is a bit finicky to work with compared to other pressed shadows because of the softer textures. Even so, if you've used some of the more shimmery Urban Decay shadows or loose pigments in general, you can just use the same process as those to prevent fall out. Even Sugarpill says it's similar to Penelope and other online sources say that it's also similar to Makeup Geek's Flamethrower but neither are 100%. If you do have an opportunity to get Pumpkin Spice, I would since it is a beautiful color that you don't really see out there too often. 

Do you have Pumpkin Spice? Have you tried other Sugarpill products before?


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