Review: Geo Eyevelyn Choco (Silicone Hydrogel) Contact Lenses

This review has been a long time coming! LoveShoppingholics provided me with another opportunity to review a pair of contacts and I immediately jumped on the offer. I chose the Geo Evevelyn Choco (Silicone Hydrogel) Circle Lenses* with a prescription this time due to Kim's raves about hydrogel contacts (visit her blog here!). These contacts retail for $23.90 on the LoveShoppingholics website and last for a year. They also come with a free and super adorable contact lens case!

Silicone Hydrogel contacts are different from normal contacts in that they let more oxygen in. My eyes are very very dry and I usually buy daily contacts because they're not as "suffocating" as longer term wear contacts. These Eyevelyn contacts also have H20 Natural Wettability to "keep moisture on the lens surface and protect your eyes from dryness." The description alone had me jumping for joy. These lenses also have some UV protection, which is important for your eyes in the long run as well.

I lagged a lot on reviewing these lenses because my eyes were too dry for me to even want to put lenses near my eyes. Even when I was wearing glasses, my eyes were stinging.

Honestly, I was scared to try out these lenses because they're supposed to last for a year. I kept rereading Kim's reviews to remind myself that hydrogel were supposed to be better for dry eyed people. 

I got these lenses in my prescription this time and my right eye is -1.50 and my left eye is -2.00 if you're curious!

Unlike stereotypical circle lenses, these don't have a black limbal ring and it just gets darker. The dotted appearance actually really helps the color blend into my natural eye color.

& some more info
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Water Content: 48%
Base Curve: 8.6 mm

I tend to get colored contacts with smaller diameters because I prefer more natural/slightly enlarging contacts. These Choco lenses do have that slightly enlarging effect, but the dark chocolatey brown is what really gives the more doll-like innocent look to your eyes. 

The texture of the contacts are gel - like. I didn't really notice the difference when I first started testing these since I did take a break from wearing contacts. Once I did try on my dailies again, I realized that the Choco lenses were thicker, but they still felt just as or more comfortable than my daily lenses. There was a soft and even slightly cushiony texture to the lenses, but it wasn't flimsy. I thought I would feel some irritation due to it being thicker, but they felt great!

Left eye has the contact eye and the right eye doesn't.

Up close, you can kind of see my limbal ring through the contact but it's not that obvious when you're further away. 

and now the opposite - the contact is on the right side!

It was the first time in awhile I wore contacts and so my eyes did water up a bit. 

Here's a before and after with the lenses on my eyes in the right pictures.

When there's a direct light like this, the contacts do blend in with my natural more warm/golden brown eyes and also look warm. In natural light, it's more of a deep chocolate brown. The Brown version of these lenses do have a bit of yellow/golden tones like my natural eyes if I wanted to go 99% exact. 

& here are some more pictures / looks with the contacts in with various lighting.

I feel like these look natural enough that I can wear everyday, but the slightly enlarging and added darkness to my eyes make people question if they are natural. 

I wore these out a lot to test them and people that knew me did look at me a bit longer to see what exactly was different. 

Like my dailies, I was able to wear these for at least 8 hours without any irritation. There was some dryness, but definitely not as much as other circle lenses that I've tried. They also didn't stick to my eyes when I tried to remove them either.

Final thoughts: I had high hopes for these lenses since reading all about hydrogel lenses from Kim, and these did not disappoint at all! I felt such a clear difference from these compared to my dailies and other circle lenses. They're very comfortable to wear even if you have extremely dry eyes like me. I highly recommend trying out these Geo Eyevelyn Choco (Silicone Hydrogel) lenses or any hydrogel lenses in general. 

Have you tried Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses? Do you like colored or clear contacts?

*LoveShoppingholics sent me these lenses to try out for free, but all opinions are my own and 100% honest. 


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