Haul: My First Kiko Purchase!

I've never gotten anything from Kiko Cosmetics before (besides a lip / cheek product my friend gave me) and so I decided to take advantage of its sale during Black Friday / Cyber Monday! I saw some pictures of the Cosmic Starlets collection and I looooved the packaging of their blushes. I've also heard great things about their lip and eye products and wanted to try those as well. 

I was most excited about the Cosmic Starlets Moon Dust Face Powder Highlighted Baked Blushes. I couldn't decide between the two colors and so I decided to get both Mysterious Pink and Fairy Mauve. Unfortunately, Mysterious Pink broke while getting to me but Kiko Cosmetics' customer service helped me out to get things sorted! 

I was trying so hard to narrow down what color cream eye shadow stick I wanted, but decided to go with the Moon Shadow Water Infused Eyeshadow in Mysterious Chocolate. It's from the Midnight Siren collection that is limited edition and so I reasoned that I could always go back to the permanent items if I fell in love!

I was originally going to get a lipstick from the Rebel Romantic collection because of the beautiful rose gold packaging, but I didn't really like the labeling. Their Velvet Mat - Satin Lipstick in 611 Autumn Pink became my next choice because I love matte lipsticks and it also had rose gold packaging! 

The last item I got was from the Rebel Romantic collection and it's the Intensely Lavish Lip Pencil in 06 Melodious Wine. I have a lot of lip products, but lip pencils are one of those things that always go missing for some reason. 

Top to Bottom 

Mysterious Chocolate // With the name, I thought the color was going to be more of a rich warm chocolate, but it ended up being a dark almost black brown with olive / khaki undertones. The texture is so smooth and it kind of feels like water is gliding across my skin. It's also so pigmented that you just need a little bit. The only con is that I'm still struggling to figure out how to evenly blend it out. 

Fairy Mauve + Mysterious Pink // These blushes are very shimmery but it doesn't overpower the beautiful base colors. Mysterious Pink is a duochrome blush that is a warm pink base with a golden shimmery shift. It's what I wanted NARS Orgasm to be. Fairy Mauve doesn't have the same shift but it's still very pretty. It's a warm pink based mauve with shimmer through it. I don't know if it's because Mysterious Pink broke, but it is more pigmented.

Autumn Pink // I took a guess with this lipstick since a lot of pinks and nudes do look weird on me, but I'm glad I took a chance! The color is very similar to Charlotte Tilbury's Bond Girl but the texture / finish isn't as matte. It's more satin with a slight sheen and so it is going to be more comfortable to wear than a lot of flat matte lipsticks. 

Melodious Wine // This lip pencil is a deep burgundy red that is going to work with a lot of wine / vampy colors for the winter. It is creamier than some other lip pencils I have and so it can work as a traditional lip liner and also as an all over lip color. Surprisingly, this product was the hardest product to remove and so I have high hopes for this on my lips.

Have you tried Kiko Cosmetics? What are your favorite products from them? 


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