Tag: The Versatile Blogger Award // I'm back!

The lovely Jenny from itsmeeejennyy.blogspot.com nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Jenny is a relatively new blogger and YouTuber and she's super sweet. 

What is the "Versatile Blogger Award" ?
The Versatile Blogger Award is given to bloggers, who are popular for their good quality style of writing and overall the quality and uniqueness of their blogs.

- Thank the person who nominated you
- Share 7 facts about you
- Nominate 15 other blogs

& here are my 7 facts!

1. I did not find out my real legal name until I was 18... and filling out college applications. I ended up having to change so many forms so that everything would match. It's not a crazy different name, it's just in the different order than I thought. 

2. I have a dog named Pluto and he's a derp. He doesn't really care about me though and only listens to my dad. 

3. I just finished my undergrad a quarter early doing 2 majors - Anthropology and Psychology.

4. I'm Vietnamese, but most people don't think I am until they hear my name. 

5. My hair is naturally brown and looks like a light brown in the light and so people are confused if it's real or not. 

Some of the lower pairs were lightened from this picture. I couldn't find a picture on my laptop of pre-colored hair. 
6. I got bored easily when I was younger and so my mom taught me the basics of a lot of DIY things. I know how to knit, sew, crochet, and embroider but I'm not great at any of it. 

7. I had my first kiss when I was 18. The guy I was dating was leaving an event to go to perform in an orchestra concert and I walked him out. When we hugged, I turned to kiss his face but... HE DID THE SAME THING AND WE KISSED. There was this pause and he started to ask, "Did we just...?" and I said, "EEP. JUST GO!" I went back into the event and I squealed to my best friend about what just happened. I pretty much died. 

I nominate:
Vanessa from Citron + Guavaberry
Sheri from Behind The Frames
Susan from Le Jolie
Kay Cake from imladiiekay
Cindy from Cindyhyue


  1. aww thanks so much for tagging me - i'm flattered! first off, i'd be one of those to think you weren't vietnamese, but your name surely gives it away (my husband is vietnamese although i am not). and your hair - gorgeous!! such a cute little story about your first kiss (awww)!

    - le jolie

  2. Thanks for tagging me!!!! :D Will do it (eventually).
    Ooh cool! You're the first Asian person I can think of that doesn't have black hair lol. Names are weird. We get no say in them and just go with it. I am the only one of my Chinese friends that goes by my Chinese name and it's even weirder that I was born in Canada too while most were born in China. Life is so strange.
    Yeah, your dog is really derpy :P

    Ling | The Cosmetic Critic

  3. clara mcmillan3/25/2015 10:50 PM

    Your hair is such a pretty color!

    God bless,

    XO, Claire


  4. You're welcome! (: I have black hair now dye to dying it, but yeaaah. It's weird seeing my natural hair color because it's not normally black.

    I have an English name, but it doesn't fit me and so I just go by my Vietnamese name and accept all the jokes / puns :D

  5. Thank you! It's not that color anymore right now and I miss it :(

  6. Your dog and that first kiss story- absolutely adorable! I've yet to do this tag from jenny, I might have to delay it until I have finished some queued posts... I've been so busy lately D: btw I'm so jealous of your natural hair color! That's the color I want to have

  7. Hahah! Love that kissing story! That's hilarious and cute and lovely all at the same time! I think those under 18 nowadays do way too many things too young and then think they know it all. My hair is naturally brown-black and it's super obvious when I'm wearing a black top and compared to my friend's jet black hair! I also have a similar dilemma with my name and since a few years ago I strictly follow the order that's in my passport! Thanks for nominating me, I've received this many many times but haven't been bothered to do it. I will put it down to be done in the near future! It's great to know a bit more personal info about fellow bloggers!

  8. lol I love how punny your name is :)

  9. I was about to tag you too, but I saw that Jenny had already done it (:

    I really miss my natural hair color, but having all those crazy colors was super fun while it lasted.

  10. You're welcome!

    I felt like I was such a late bloomer because I was 18 and had only held hands up to that point =X A lot of my friends slightly made fun of me, but of course they were just kidding. I am glad that I had my first kiss and stuff later on though because I feel like I was truly able to decide if I wanted to compared to peer pressure. I remember this girl in 7th grade tried to force my face onto this other guy that I was only slightly interested in to kiss each other. Ugh, she thought it was weird that we hadn't kissed yet.

  11. I haven't had time to check out your facts >< I'm sorry!
    Your dog Pluto is so cute! I'm bad at guessing, but is Pluto a terrier? :D I'm not sure haha! Aww this is such a cute first kiss story!
    Omg I don't have black hair, too.....My hair is a darkbrown and it shimmers slightly red-orange-brown in the sunlight. My mum is somehow confused about that and loves to compare my hair with my little sister, who has got black hair lol
    Jenny <3

  12. He's a pomeranian chihuahua mix, but my dad calls him monster for some reason hahahahaha

    I used to swim a lot when I was younger and my hair turned such a super light brown and stayed that way for yeaaars. I kind of glad that I'm naturally that shade a brown in the picture though (:

  13. I feel terrible that I JUST saw this, but thank you for nominating me!! I will definitely get to this post/tag eventually :) And girl, I can match up to so many of the facts you listed, this is wonderful. I am all up with you there on feeling like a late bloomer, definitely did not kiss a boy till 17 1/2 haha. I also swam in high school and that forever altered the chemistry of my hair - I have some "natural" highlights and occasionally have a blonde or red hair that grows out. It's the strangest/coolest thing. And your pup is totally adorrrrable, how do you resist that face?!

  14. It's okay!! I'm suuuuuper behind on everything right now.

    and yaaaay late bloomers!!! I always feel weird telling people I had my first kiss at 18 because they tell me theirs happened in middle school or something. My dog usually ignores me and goes straight to my dad.... so, it's not a choice D: