Review & Swatches: Lorac Unzipped Palette

The Lorac Unzipped Palette has been out for a few years, but I finally got it as a birthday treat to myself last month. It's full of pinky / rosey neutral shades and each pan contains 0.39 ounces of product. There are three completely matte shades, one satin, and the rest are shimmery. A mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer (0.19 ounces) is also included and the whole palette retails for $42.

Swatch top row and then bottom row from left to right

Undercover - A satin offwhite color. I tend to use this shade to blend out the edges of whatever look I'm doing with this palette. It also adds a nice glow on my brow bone to lift them up. 

Unbelieveable - A rose gold shade that leans more on the gold. It's not a coppery rose gold though. Out of all the pinky shimmery shades in this palette, this is the one I wear the most often. It's not too pinky and it's not too gold - just perfect.

Unattainable - There is a tiny bit of rosiness in this shade, but it's mostly a golden bronze. I would categorize this shade as a one sweep and go shade.

Unconditional - A matte mauve that is very similar to Urban Decay's Nooner and Limit from the Naked 3 palette. These kind of shades have been my favorite and it works really well in the crease. 

Unbridled - A matte burgundy shade. It's a very wearable reddy toned shade and it's one of my favorites from the palette. Not a lot of companies include a shade like this one in palettes and it's great. 

Undiscovered - A shimmery light gold shade that's not too yellow and great for the inner corner highlight. 

Unreal - A shimmery pink shade. It sounds a bit weird, but I feel really girly when I wear this shade. This would look great paired up with Unbelievable and Unconditional. 

Uncensored - Another shimmery golden bronze, but it's darker than Unattainable. They're close in tone and so you could put Unattainable in the inner half and Uncensored in the outer half to create seamless depth to the eyes. 

Unspoken - A standard slightly warm matte mid tone brown. Unspoken is one of those shades that's found in every nude palette. It's not especially special, but it does have a nice formula and fits perfect with this palette to tone down the pinky / reddy tones from the other shades. 

Untamed - A black based shadow with red shimmer. I wouldn't say that this shade is as shimmery or metallic as some of the others in this palette, but it's not exactly a satin finish either. It's somewhere in between, but it's what I wanted Blackheart from the Naked 3 palette to be. 

All of the shades are amazing and they blend really well together. The matte shades are a bit powdery, but no more than most mattes I have tried. 

I started a habit of just using my fingers to apply the shimmery shades and this method works great, but a flat brush also works as well. I do got a tiny bit of fall out, but only when I use a fluffy brush to apply the shimmery shades. I can blend and blend, but the colors do stay on my lids without a worry about fall out. 

The Behind The Scenes is a a standard primer to me. Not as thin as the Too Faced one, but very similar to the Urban Decay primer. With that being said, it does work very well with keeping the shades long lasting and vibrant. I do tend dust a bit of translucent powder on top (mostly on my crease) just to lessen the tackiness.

With and without primer, these shades lasted all day without fading and creasing. The only "problem" areas I had were in the inner corner, but it's because I always rub that area. 

In this eye look - 
Unconditional in the crease
Untamed on the lids (with a fluffy brush to sheer out the color)
Unattable applied on top just on the center of the lid to give a bit more shimmer
Unreal in the inner corner
Unbridled just in the outer corner to create more depth
Undercover on the brow bone

These eye swatches are also from the above look, but you can see the gorgeousness of Unbridled a lot more from the front. 

In this eye look - 
Unconditional in the crease
Unbridled to in the outer crease to wing it out and deepen the color
Untamed on the outer portion of the lids to give my eyes my depth
Uncensored in the inner corner
Unbelievable on the center of my lids
Undercover to blend out the edges and highlight my brow bone

In this look - 
Unconditional + Unbridled mixed together in the crease
Unbelieveable on the lids

Final thoughts: If you can't tell, I love this palette and can't believe I took so long to get it. This palette has been compared to the Naked 3 palette (like I did), but I feel like this one is better. I still really do love my Naked 3 beyond words, but the Unzipped palette has less fall out and I feel like the shades work a bit better. I'm so impressed with this palette and I do recommend it to anyone loving rosey nudes like I am. 

What do you think of this palette and if you have it, what's your favorite shade?



  1. this palette is amazing! i have heard so much about it and it looks great <3 love the soft look you made with it.

  2. Such a gorgeous palette and love your eye look Hao! I love both Unconditional and Unspoken, omg prettiest shades of all!

  3. It really is!! I can't believe it took me so long to get it. I used to slightly judge my friend for want it so much, but I really owe her apologies because it's such a wonderful palette.

  4. Thank you! and I love those two shades as well! Lorac did amazingly well with the mattes in this palette. :D

  5. Ugh I am always so attracted to these pretty nude palettes! Beautiful eye looks Hao. Wish we had access to Lorac in Australia!

  6. Some of these names are so sassy. "UNBELIEVABLE!" "UNATTAINABLE!" "UNREAL!" "UNTAMED!" -z snaps-
    The shades in here are just so darn pretty but realistically I know I'll probably never wear them. I love the first look you created, and I really like Lorac's eyeshadow primer! I just find the UD one so thick and pasty, and those two are the only eyeshadow primers I've tried.

  7. Thank you! (:

    I was so impressed by the quality of these shadows, but I feel like you probably have similar shades in your own collection. I definitely do, but I have a rosey toned shadow problem right now D:

  8. The names are soooo ridiculous and it's weirdly hard for me to remember them because they all start with "un"

    I'm starting to see that Urban Decay's Primer Potion should not be everyone's staple. I also like the Lorac one more! I'm glad there was a pretty good amount of it for me to try out :D