Review & Swatches: Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Laced, Scratch, and Bordello

I recently got 3 new Urban Decay Eyeshadow singles in Laced (bottom right), Scratch (bottom left), and Bordello (top middle)! Ulta had a Platinum Members only deal where the shadows were all $9 each instead of the normal price of $18. I love Urban Decay's eyeshadow formula and so I immediately jumped onto this deal and even got my sister a shade too. All of the shadows contain 1.5 grams / 0.05 ounces each and the pans can be popped out to be placed in customizable palettes. 

Laced is described as a "pinky-taupe matte" and it works well as a crease / transition color on me. It falls into the mauvey rosey nude color palette that I've been loving recently. Urban Decay mattes are really nice and they are blendable and pigmented. It was a bit powdery, but not more than their other mattes. 

Even though it is pigmented, my skin is a touch too dark to fully show off the color. Obviously, I'm not going to fault the shadow color but it's important to note that if you're above a MAC NC35 / Makeup Forever HD Foundation #127 / Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation 5-6, the color won't be that apparent on the eyes. 

I applied it in my outer crease in the above picture to create a more elongated cat eye shape. 

Bordello is described as a "pale mauve shimmer with gold micro-glitter" but I don't really see the gold micro-glitter on the eyes or arm swatch. Bordello is great for those who want to start wearing purple, but aren't quite there yet. You can wear it alone but I like using it with a color like Laced to blend out the edges. 

Bordello is applied on the outer half of the lids and also on the outer half of the lower lash line. 

Scratch is described as a "rose gold shimmer." In the pan, it shows up more coral but it does swatch as a rose gold shimmer. It is more pinky than the gunmetal rose golds and coppery rose golds I've reviewed before. It has a feminine feel to it as well to me and I'm glad I got it for my rose gold collection. With a very very light hand, I feel like this shade would be great for a cheek highlight too. 

I applied it on the inner half of my lids. 

For each of the shades, I did two layers to build up the swatch. Both Scratch and Bordello were soft and blendable while being pigmented, but they did not have any fall out. I did not find any creasing with and without primer for all the shades. I prefer to use primer for Laced though so that it shows up better on my medium skin tone. 

Finished the eye look with my favorite mascara - Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara in Very Black - sandwiched with Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer. I didn't have a lash comb and so the lashes did stick together a bit. 

This is just a full face shot that I discarded from a possible monthly look, but it shows how these three shades do create a soft look. But still, those darned hooded lids make everything look like a no makeup look. 

Final thoughts: I'm incredibly happy with all three shades and even with how well they all work together. Sure, I would've liked Laced to show up more but that's my own fault for not knowing how light it was. I think it would be great with Nooner and Limit from the Naked 3 palette to create a nice all matte look though. Urban Decay has one of my favorite eyeshadow formulas and these three did not let me down. My personal recommendation would be either Scratch or Bordello depending on if you like pinky or purpley shades, but all three get thumbs up from me!

Of the three, which one is your favorite? Do you have a favorite shade from Urban Decay?



  1. They look gorgeous! They look great on you~

  2. Thank you! I feel so pleased with this purchase hahaha

  3. I love Urban Decay eyeshadows! All are so smooth and pigmentation is so amazing ♥ Laced is so pretty!

  4. They're some of my personal favorite formulas! The majority of them are so smooth and easy to apply/blend out. The glittery shades are meh because of fall out, but also understandable.

    I feel like since you're lighter in skin tone than me, Laced would look even better on you!

  5. OMGAWD. I need bordello...and like 10 other shades!!! I totally mean to go out and buy a couple Urban Decay single shadows eventually. Freaking love their shimmery neutrals and I need a teal shadow soon too as well!

  6. Bordello is soooo nice!!! Their shimmery shadows are amazing <3

  7. These shades are so soft and beautiful! And the packaging too <3. I tend to find I'm always in such a rush that I just grab any palette in sight as opposed to singles which I rarely use, which is why I never buy them. Do you find this is the case for you too?

  8. I just got myself their electric palette and was impressed by their pigmentation. I love the matte shade you got! This is such a sweet, natural look on you, I think you chose well.

  9. Yeah, it's the same way for me too :( I really don't give my singles that much love and so I'm probably going to put these in the palette I already have and leave it on my table to use more often. Even so, I've just been grabbing the Lorac Unzipped palette whenever I'm in a rush because the preset colors are easier to create looks with

  10. Thank you! I'm very proud of the colors I chose hahaha The electric palette is so pretty, but I know I would never use it. A part of me wants to get it though because it's so fun.

  11. I think Scratch is my favourite! It looks very versatile as anyone can wear that kind of pink shimmer shade.

  12. It's my favorite too! I'm looking forward to wearing it as a highlighter too