Manicure Mondays: China Glaze in Foxy and Formula X for Sephora in Out of Sight

New quarter, new manicure!! I was slightly nervous and bored in class today and so I ended up picking at my previous manicure. Such a bad habit, I know. I'm trying to stop though! It did give me an excuse to paint my nails again though.

Foxy is a dark warm metallic red with gold shimmer. It is opaque in two layers and looks gorgeous. It's from the Vintage Vixen collection and it does have a vintage feel to it. Out of Sight has a mix of flaky and regular sized glitter suspended in a clear base. You can really build the glitter too. Because of the flaky glitters, it sometimes feels scratchy. I fix this by putting on another layer of top coat just in the more prominent flaky areas. 

I got Foxy from a Secret Santa exchange a few years ago and I got Out of Sight at Sephora recently. When I bought Out of Sight, it was in the special limited edition ornament packaging for the holidays and so it was on sale. If you go now, you might be able to find it for $4.

What's on your nails right now?


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