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I've never been a blush wearer and could count the number of times I would wear blush in any given month on one hand. I could never figure out placement and I always felt like it looked like too much on my face. After only wearing the Etude House Ginger Cookie Blusher* (review here) and NARS Blush in Luster for years, I decided to take a chance on the NARS Liquid Blush in Luster. Such an adventurous choice!!!! /s

I didn't like the color of the liquid version of Luster on me or the packaging, but it opened my eyes to a different formula type that might be better for me. Around the same time, I also got the Glossier Cloud Paints and they instantly became a favorite that helped me become more comfortable with wearing and applying blush. 

Besides the EH Ginger Cookie Blusher and NARS Blush in Luster, I only wear liquid blushes now and I'll be talking about the ones I've picked up throughout my journey in this post. Something to keep in mind is that I like to only have a hint of color for blush. I love sheer or sheer buildable formulas and so a non-novice blush user may have different opinions than me for the products I'm going to talk about. 

NARS Liquid Blush in Luster
The powder version of Luster is a gorgeous light tanned/burnt orange shade with very fine shimmer running through it. I like applying it higher on my cheeks/close to my cheekbones and paired with bronzer and it gives you such a beautiful sunny glow. The liquid version is darker and from what I see, the shimmer isn't as even. There's a quite of separation as well if I leave the bottle alone for too long and so I always have to mix/shake it very thoroughly to make sure the shimmer is evenly distributed. There's a pump on the bottle which is normally great, but the formula is so runny that it's hard to get the right amount of blush. Other people have had much more luck than me with the NARS Liquid Blushes, but they're an easy pass for me. I'm kind of thinking that I might like these more if the shades are fully matte or no shimmer since I do like the skin-like finish. I do have a theory that the shimmer will look more even when worn not as sheer as I usually wear it though. I've heard of many people loving this formula and so I'm starting to think it's user error instead of formula error. I think this formula might benefit from a doe foot applicator instead of a pump.

Giorgio Armani Neo Nude A-Line Blush in 51, 53, and 54
Probably the most expensive and hard to find liquid blush since they were all scooped up so fast. The Giorgio Armani Neo Nude collection instantly called to me after I discovered how much I loved liquid blush. It also didn't help me that the packaging looked so cute. I initially bought a highligher and bronzer/contour from this line and liked them enough to see if I could get some of the blush shades. Before I hype up this product, they're beautiful but not good enough to try to track down or pay more than retail price for. It has a doe foot applicator and you can use it to directly apply the product onto your cheeks. The stopper definitely helps minimize the amount of extra product as well and so I don't feel like I'm wasting product. Like with the other products in this post, I use my fingers or a sponge to blend it in. While the formula is still natural looking, the color is a bit more vibrant than the Glossier Cloud Paints. It still is super wearable and on the sheer side, but you can definitely build it up more to be more pigmented.

Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk, Dawn, and Storm
I love this formula! It's very ~Glossier aesthetics~ in that it's natural, sheer, and low-key in appearance and application. The formula is a gel-cream formula and so it's thicker than the NARS Liquid Blush. The packaging is a squeeze tube and looks like a small paint tube. I've heard of people struggling with getting the right amount of product because the big opening, but I haven't had that many problems. If I bring them somewhere in a makeup bag, the pressure and jostling around does make the next opening a bit messy though. I usually put a bit on the back of my hand and then use my fingers to apply it. I've used sponges, brushes, and fingers and each method has worked with this formula, but I prefer using my fingers or a sponge. I used to use Dusk all the time and the color is very similar to NARS Douceur and Tarte Exposed aka a super wearable pinky nude blush. I'm now starting to wear Storm more since it's the perfect blushing red shade. I do see fading after work (about 9-10 hours after initial application) and I've read from many people that these aren't that long wearing on them. Since I wear them pretty sheer anyway, I don't notice when it goes away. I usually don't try to build up the color (personal preference that I've mentioned before), but I wouldn't recommend doing more than 2ish layers. It stays pretty sheer and when I apply too much, it does get patchy. Now that I've seen the different formulas swatched and compared to each other, these Cloud Paints are less watery in appearance as well. The rest of the formulas remind me of watercolors with some translucency to them. 

Innisfree Petal Blusher in #4 Dried Beige Hydrangea
This color a muted slightly red nude blush that goes on quite sheer. It can be layered up, but this formula takes a bit longer to dry. The dry time can also be a good or bad thing depending on how pigmented you want this blush to be. I like to take my time with blending and since I love sheer blushes, it's pretty quick and easy for me to use. There's a bit of shimmer running through this blush, but I find that it's more fine and subtle than the shimmer from the NARS Liquid Blush in Luster. The applicator and bottle is like a nail polish bottle and brush. I've read from other bloggers that this formula can get thick over time, but so far, so good!

A'PIEU Juicy Pang Water Blusher in BE01 Fig
Fig kind of reminds me of the Glossier Cloud Paint in Dawn, but less orange and more brown/nude/beige. Like the Innisfree Petal Blusher, the packaging is pretty much the same with the nail polish like bottle. There's also a fine shimmer running through this blush that just diffuses into a beautiful glow. Honestly, the formula is so similar to the Innisfree formula that it's hard for me to tell what blush is from which brand. Shades like this are also so wearable with every eye and lip look. 

I feel like I'm making the Innisfree and A'Pieu liquid blushes sound really boring and uninteresting, but these may be my favorite liquid blushes. The packaging is so much easier to use compared to everything I've mentioned in this post and I love how wearable these colors are. They're muted, sheer, and super easy to use. Since I do wear them as only a light flush, I don't really notice when the color starts to fade. The color is still there after my normal work day (7AM application and done at 5PM) but it is noticeable lighter. Both of these brands are sheerer than the blushes from Glossier, NARS, and Giorgio Armani but I feel like they're more buildable.

Tony Moly Crystal Mini Cushion Blusher in Peach Orange and Rose Coral
Blush cushions are probably my least favorite version of liquid blush. I like using the puff included with cushions but it's harder to use with a blush formula since I like it to be very sheer. With regular foundation, even a little tap can be enough for at least half your face, With blush, a tap is often times way too much for my check area and then it's hard to blend out since there's still blush on the puff. I can use my fingers or a brush to apply the product as well like with the rest of the liquid blushes I've mentioned. The colors are more muted than I thought they would be and they're more sheer than the other liquid formulas I've mentioned. Since the formula dries pretty quickly, you can build up the formula to be more pigmented even with your fingers. It's too bad I struggle with the puff because the formula + the puff creates a really nice velvety finish. I am pretty bitter about struggling so hard with this packaging though and so that might be coloring my mini review of this product. There is a slight fruity fragrance with these blushes and I quite like it. It does fade away though if you're sensitive to fragrances. 

And that's a wrap! I started to build up a collection of liquid bronzers as well and will probably talk about those next.

What's your favorite blush? Do you like sheer or pigmented cheek products?

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