March 2018 Monthly Recap

I recently started to focus on new makeup again and ended up trying a lot of stuff during March! Some of my birthday month purchases trickled into March as well and so it was a pretty fun testing month for me.


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 Dior Métérore | Chanel Terre Brulee

Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono Eyeshadow in 661 Meterore

I was initially disappointed in this eyeshadow because it's more on the sheerish and less creamy side compared to Terre Brulee but oh man. It's beautiful! The formula is hard but still cushiony and so it's hard to pick up a lot of product without really just rubbing the surface over and over again. The color is pretty standard but the best part of this eyeshadow is the finish. I use it as a topper, but it makes my bronze shades look like that Instagram filter with the glittery bronze/gold eyeshadow. It literally sparkles the same way and I've gotten so many compliments while wearing it. I don't like the formula enough to get another shade though.

Chanel Ombre Première Longwear Cream Eyeshadow in 806 Terre Brulee

I yolo-ed pretty hard during my birthday month and ended up getting some luxury cream eyeshadows. I've been swatching, ooh-ing, and ahh-ing over some of these for months and my birthday seemed like the perfect excuse to get them. Terre Brulee has a creamy formula and is surprisingly pretty pigmented. It can be slightly too thick because of how creamy it is but it's easy to blend and thin out while still staying pigmented. I was wondering if these would be better than my current favorite luxury cream eye shadow - the Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleon Color Morphing Eyeshadow Pencils - but they're pretty on par.

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 Dear Dahlia Lady Oxford (blush side) | Sunset Romance (blush side) | Soft Sand

Dear Dahlia Paradise Dual Palettes in Lady Oxford and Sunset Romance

The eyeshadow parts aren't too impressive, but I love the blushes! They're actually multi-use and so I can use them on the lips as well, but I've mostly been using them for blush. I'm a blush novice and rarely wear it, but this formula is so easy to use. It's thin and on the sheer but buildable side and so I'm able to blend and build up to my comfort level. No matter how I apply the blush, it's easy to make the edges and overall effect natural and gorgeous. The finish isn't too dewy or and sets to have a semi-matte/natural finish. It doesn't feel sticky, thick, or heavy and I barely even feel anything when it's on.

Dear Dahlia Skin Paradise Blooming Cushion Foundation in Soft Sand

Soft Sand is slightly too light for me, but it's more obvious because it is one of the few cushions I've tried with an amazing medium coverage. The packaging is different from most cushions in that it's basically a liquid foundation being pumped up onto a flat surface so that you can use a puff to apply the product. It definitely feels more hygienic than the standard cushion soaked with foundation but now I'm starting to see foundation slightly staining the white packaging. Like other cushions I've tried, the Dear Dahlia one does leave my skin looking dewy and natural and my face still looks smooth and perfect all day. I have to powder my t-zone a bit, but that's now standard with me now that my skin type is more on the combo instead of dry side.


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Glossier Slip & Moon | Colourpop Bee's Knees & Candyflss

Colourpop Blotted Lips in Bee's Knees and Candyfloss

These are kind of a personal "flop" for me than anything because they weren't as blotted as I thought they would like. I thought they were going to be a more affordable dupe of the Bobbi Brow Crushed Lip Colors that give me the most perfect blotted lip effect, but they don't. They're still pretty, but not what I wanted.

Glossier Lidstar in Moon and Slip

The Glossier Lidstar in Cub has been a hit for me so far and it was too early to include in my March Likes, bit Moon and Slip are complete misses for me already. They're just so sheer and meh especially on my light/medium skin tone that it doesn't even matter if I wear them. Sure, they can be no-makeup makeup products but my preference is matte brown shade for that kind of look.


None for March!

What did you try out during March? Did you rediscover anything or find any new favorites?

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