Review & Swatches: Bobbi Brown All Over Glow in Sole

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has certainly caught my eye lately! I recently purchased the Bobbi Brown All Over Glow in Sole during the pre-sale but I believe it's now officially launched. According to their website, the All Over Glow has a Squalane infused luxurious skin-illuminating formula that helps smooth away the look of fine, dry lines and leaves the skin soft to the touch. Currently, the All Over Glow in Sole is available on the Bobbi Brown website here for $39.00 and contains 0.41 fl oz / 12 mL of product. 

The color is pretty interesting since it looks like a molten pinky metallic gold but it blends out to be a very very finely milled golden shimmer. The shimmer is so fine that it barely shows up on my skin and instead is just a glow. 

If you look at the Bobbi Brown website, their bottle does look misleading. The bottle and product swatch makes Sole look like a light golden pink shade, but it's darker in real life. In the bottle, there's an almost magenta pink flash or duochrome as well. Fortunately (or unfortunately?), the color blends out so well that it doesn't really matter. I can't really see the flash of pink on my face but I do see it when I move my arm a certain way. 

I'm not sure if it's because of my skin tone or the product, but the color doesn't really show up for me. It almost looks clear face gloss and the goldenness of the product blends in with my skin color. It sounds odd, but it instead looks like a warm glow of sun reflecting off freshly moisturized and dewy skin when I'm wearing this product. If you're very fair, the pinky gold might show up more though. 

Before with eye makeup and the Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation


As you can see, there is a glow instead of shimmer. I don't want to seem like I'm dissing this product when I saw this, but it almost looks like I have an after gym sweat like glow where I look healthy instead of tired. It also looks like if I applied facial oil only on my high points. As the day goes by, the product sinks into your skin a bit more and plumps/smooths out the texture while still maintaining that dewy glow. 

My ~good~ side with Sole applied on my brow bone, cheek bones, and slightly on the side of the apple of my cheek. When I was reviewing the pictures, I audibly went "wow!" when I saw this one. Not because I'm self-absorbed, but because my skin looked so good.

Unlike what Bobbi Brown claims, this formula does feel slightly tacky on the skin like you're wearing a balm. The products below are pretty similar to the glossy face products below.

3CE Back To Baby Glow Beam
Chosungah22 24HR Raybeam Cream
Glossier Haloscope

I also have a comparison post of those products here.

Compared to the above glossy face products, the All Over Glow feels like there's more skincare plumping properties to it to keep me looking healthy and youthful. If your skin has more fine lines and/or is dry, I can see this working so well for you. 

I wouldn't apply it all over though since it can come off as oily. When I was testing this out, I would sometimes touch my face to see if the tackiness was still there but the product didn't seem to be disturbed at all. Like mentioned, the product sinks into your skin to look it looking fresh but the dewiness doesn't go away.

A part of me likes the twist and pop up pump, but I always have to remember to wipe off the tiny bit that's still on the tip of the pump. If I don't, it does smear all over the golden part of the lid. That's very minor though since it actually has a good pump. Since this can be used on the high points or all over my face, it's important to me that it has a good pump so that I can get as much product as I want/need. 

Final thoughts: I'm oddly impressed and unimpressed with this product. I personally have so many glossy highlights and since the color doesn't really show up on my face, it's not unique enough for me. On the other hand, I love how it makes my face look. I stare at my face so much when I wear this! I recommend this highlighter so much especially for those with dry and/or mature skin. I can literally see my dull skin looking better with the tiniest amount of this product. If you don't have a massive collection like me, I would definitely check this out. 

What's your favorite Bobbi Brown product? How do you feel about glossy or balm like highlighters? 

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