Review & Swatches: NARS Cosmetics x Charlotte Gainsbourg Collection

So... whoops? Broke my no buy again. 

I was almost doing well and then I started to see more about the NARS Cosmetics x Charlotte Gainsbourg collection. I wasn't really interested when this collection was first released, and then I read more about how effortless and cool Charlotte Gainsbourg is. I've been dipping my toes back into more natural looks and by reading into what Charlotte's vision for collection, it seemed like some of the products were exactly what I wanted. 

During one of my Nordstrom stops, I purchased the Hydrating Glow Tint in Medium ($36 for 1.7 Ounces / 50 mL), Multiple Tint in Alice ($39 for 0.23 Ounces / 6.7 grams), and Lip Tint in Double Decker ($26 for 0.17 Ounces / 6 mL).  And surprise! Right after that stop, I went back and also picked up the Hydrating Glow Tint in Light. That's already a spoiler for this post! I was pretty happy with the above post and didn't want to re-take it to include the second tube.

I was reading reviews of the Hydrating Glow Tint and it was described as giving the skin a "fresh out of the bath" look and that's what I want! My skin always looks refreshed and glowy right out of the shower and then immediately goes back to looking a bit dry before putting on moisturizer. It has a very light and mousse like texture is easily blendable with just your fingers. 

In all the pictures, I applied two layers of the Hydrating Glow Tint in Medium and I got around light medium coverage. I left it like that with a tiny bit of the Glossier Stretch Concealer in Medium under the eyes. With one layer, it's definitely a sheer/light coverage that mostly only took away the basic redness in my face. My acne marks and blemishes were still peaking through and so that's why I added a second layer. They still showed up, but the base seemed to soften and blur those spots a bit.

Light Unblended and Blended Out
Medium Unblended and Blended Out

I have a huge gripe with the color range, but it kind of made sense since it's supposedly a limited edition formula. I also wouldn't want to invest possibly millions of dollars for a limited edition base range. But 4 shades? That's lame even though the shades a pretty sheer that they might work on multiple skin tones. I can wear both shades, but I'm leaning towards mixing them together to wear if I have time in the morning. 

The finish and overall look is so perfect though. I look dewy and fresh without looking like I'm wearing anything. It's definitely an amazing No-Makeup Makeup choice! I ended up liking it so much that I went back to get a lighter shade to mix it into other foundations. Unfortunately, it's not that long lasting. By the end of 7-8 hours, my redness is starting to show up again. I didn't look oily or patchy, but it just seemed to fade in coverage. 

The Multiple Tint in Alice is a sheer slightly coral based red shade. I wasn't even intending on picking this up but I really wanted to try out this version of the Multiple. I was skimming Temptalia while I was shopping and I read that this looked pretty good on the lips as well as the cheeks and I was sold! Previous versions of the Multiple always looked only great on the cheeks and since I've been into multipurpose products, Alice seemed like a great choice to add a nice touch of glowy color on my lips and cheeks. 

The color itself is pretty sheer and so I was able to build up the color to what I wanted without worrying about clown cheeks. It adds such a nice flush of natural color that my co-workers were wondering if I was just looking naturally rosy or if it was blush. It also felt like a gel on my cheeks and so it worked great with the Hydrating Glow Tint and other liquid/cream foundations. 

The Lip Tint in Double Decker is a sheer and glossy slightly pinky red. It's not sticky or thick and so it's the perfect texture for someone like me who doesn't wear glosses often. I was kind of expecting a lip tint that tints your lips, but it actually seems like a product that just adds a tint of color to your lips. 

It's so comfortable to wear, but I'm definitely sure that there are similar products like this out there with a lower price. I like it and would highly recommend it to someone if they were interested in specifically this product, but I wouldn't recommend it if they were just looking for a glossy tint of color. 

Final thoughts: I'm actually quite happy with my purchases. I have gripes with the colors for the Hydrating Glow Tint, but it's a great base product to use on an everyday basis. They all give me the most gorgeous No-Makeup Makeup look as well in the stereotypical effortlessly chic "French Look" kind of way.  They're not long wearing products though and so if you're worried about that, all of the things I reviewed might be a pass. I personally like all of these products and would happily repurchase everything. Well, maybe not the lip tint because it is kind of expensive but I'm going to ignore that for now. 

Did you pick up anything from the NARS x Charlotte Gainsbourg collection? 


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