Review & Swatches: Pony x Memebox Pink Bloom Box

I'm back and I'll be reviewing the Pony x Memebox Pink Bloom Box! I really wanted to try out the Pink Bloom Palette and since I had points, I decided it wold be a better deal just to get the box. Right now, the box is sold out but you can get the products individually. 

Here is a before and after with the products on my face! I also had to add in my own foundation and brow products. 

I am about 95% sure that the lipstick was supposed to be Orange Dahlia instead of Blooming Love though. I don't wear orange lips or blush that much though and so I wasn't too bummed since I was still getting a good deal. I am slightly bothered that the lipstick and blush don't really fit the palette though. The lipstick turned more cool toned neon pink and the blush is so warm that it just clashes. 

Swatches from L to R -
  • Pony x Memebox Shine Easy Glam 3 / #02 Pink Bloom Palette: Glam Nude Pink, Glam Fair Pink, Shine Indie Pink, and Shine Ashy Brown
  • Blossom Lipstick in #04 Blooming Love
  • I'm Eyeliner in #04 Blazing: Large swatch to show off the color more / Single swipe
  • I'm Cream Blush in #03 Selena: Built up swatch / Blended out swatch
  • I'm Cream Shadow in #01 Flash Light
For the arm swatches, the colors were picked up a lot better compared to the face / eye swatches. 

I'm going to do a mini pictorial while doing quick reviews of the products in this box. It might be too picture or text heavy and so I'll just put the Final Thoughts section here!

Final thoughts: Out of this box, I highly highly recommend the Pink Bloom Palette and the I'm Cream Shadow in #01 Flash Light. I was kind of wary of the palette because the Soothing Sista one was pretty meh. I'm glad to say that all of the shades are soft, pigmented, and blendable. They even last and show up pretty well without a primer. The cream shadow is pretty much glitter in a pot WITH NO FALL OUT! It does rub off though so I would still be careful. The eyeliner is something I tentatively recommend. I love the color and it's so smooth and blends out so easily, but I also have a Clio liner in a similar shade that stays on better. If you're looking for a burgundy eyeliner, I would still check this out though. The lipstick's texture and color were definitely not for me. The cream blush is more on the dry side and not that pigmented, but works as a base for similar colored blushes. The mascara was a total fail for me and it made my lashes stick together because of the wetter formula and didn't hold my curl at all. I did like the curve and it helped grab my lashes more. 

While I'm looking at these pictures, I should've gone with a white background but the eyeliner color is pretty accurate anyway. I'm Eyeliner in #04 Blazing ($5) is a pinky burgundy shade with some microshimmer. It feels thin and very easy to blend out to use as a base. You could even layer it up to create a burgundy smokey eye. The other side contains a sharper and smudger as well. 

I put on a light layer without any primer.

I gotta say - I love the packaging for the lipstick and palette. I wish the actual palette had the same print. The lid of the palette is reflective and gold and fingerprints show up so much. It makes the packaging look so dirty. That's my only complaint though.

The palette contains 6.5 grams of product and retails $18 by itself. Even though the "Glam" and "Shine" shades are supposed to be different textures, Glam Fair Pink, Shine Indie Pink, and Shine Ashy Brown are very very shimmery and gorgeous while Shine Nude Beige has more a matte base with some shimmer running through it. The shadows do feel soft to the touch, but it almost feels creamy. 

Glam Nude Pink / Glam Fair Pink / Shine Indie Pink / Shine Ashy Brown
The website and plastic slip that came with the palette spelled the colors slightly differently, but I'm going with the website. 

I put Shine Indie Pink on the outer half to wing out my eye shadow. This color is a very shimmery burgundy/red based pink shade with gold shimmer. 

I lined the outer half of my eyes with Blazing eyeliner and Glam Nude Beige on the inner half. 

For this separate look, I used Shine Ashy Brown all over the lid and Glam Fair Pink in the inner corner. I'm a bit sad that these pictures don't show how pigmented the colors were even without primer. Glam Fair Pink looks more pink on the Memebox website, but it is like a pink based champagne with an almost purpley pink shimmer. Shine Ashy Brown is a shimmery/metallic cool brown. Even though I do love it, I wish it could've been fully matte to help add definition to the lids since two of the other shades are also super shimmery/emtallic.

The I'm Cream Shadow in #01 Flashlight ($5-$7.50) is so incredibly amazing. I thought it was going to be like L'oreal Infallible shadows, but it's like straight up reflective glitter. The best thing is that there's no fall out. You also don't need any adhesive to make them stay on.

I put it on the middle of my lids to attract more light. In this lighting, it doesn't show up as well but that shine really well... shines on the arm swatches! Right now, the I'm Cream Shadow 's are on sale for $5 and I would definitely pick up one or all of them!

If you're a long time reader or have seen my mascara reviews, my lashes are straight and thin. I usually don't have high hopes for non-waterproof mascaras and I wasn't too surprised when the I'm Mascara in #01 Jet Black ($5.50) immediately uncurled my lashes. The wet formula helped build up my lashes, but it did clump them together. 

Bare and curled lashes \ One coat of mascara

I'm Cream Blush in #03 Selena ($10) is such a pretty color in the pan, but I have realized oranges don't work well on me. It did turn more pink/coral on my cheeks though! I'm not going to take off points because the color isn't my favorite, but I will say that I probably won't be wearing it any time soon.

I couldn't apply it on nicely and I've tried using a stippling brush and a Beauty Blender. Other people might be able to work with it, but I felt like the drier texture and sheerer formula didn't really do much. If you get this, I would say use it as a base cheek color to transition some of your blush shades into spring/summer!

In the tube, the Blossom Lipstick in #04 Blooming Love ($12) lipstick looks like a pretty pink with a tiny bit of coral. I think because of my slightly mauvey lips, it changed the shade. The finish is a bit shiny, but not glossy. 

Honestly, I'm not a fan of the color or formula. I don't have much to say about it but wanted to at least do swatches for this review. It did feel slippery on my lips and the product settled into my lip lines. 

The box did come with a mystery skin care gift and I got the It's Skin Mini Bebe Mist in Shining Apple. The mist isn't that fine and so I don't use it to like a after powder facial spray like you would with a setting spray. I usually use it after I shower or when my face is feeling dry. It's not great but it's not bad. I won't rebuy it (mostly because I don't see it on the website), but I'm still glad I got this in the box. 

& that's it! Like I said, my final thoughts are up above, but I would like to reiterate that I highly recommend the cream shadow if you're into glitters and the eyeshadow palette. The texture of each shade is amazing and I honestly want to buy the other two now. I feel like these shadows don't even compare to the other Shine Easy Glam palettes.



  1. Omg I really want to get this box! Pony is a real inspiration~ She seems so kind and talented! I love watching her videos :) Do you like her videos, too? :)
    The palette is really promising!!

  2. I love her videos!! Her foundation also always looks so flawless that I am constantly in awe. Honestly, I pretty much go this box because of her and wanted to give Memebox eyeshadows another chance.... even though I haven't touched the other Shine Easy Glam palettes I bought hahahaha

  3. Hmm this seemed like it was kind of a disappointment? That's too bad as some of the other Pony x Memebox products look so gorgeous!

  4. I feel like the box in whole for me was a disappointment, but it let me discover how great the palette and cream shadow was. I was neutral about the eyeliner because I have a better one by Clio and meh about everything else. I'm just glad I had 10 memepoints / $10 off and so it was a great deal for me to try out of these items.

  5. Ooh the box looks fantastic, I love Pony! The eyeshadows look nice, but I feel like they would just get out-performed by everything else I have. The blush looks nice in a pan, but it's a shame it's a bit hard to work with.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  6. Ooh I am loving the look of the eyeshadow palette, all the colours looks so simple and girly! & I know you're not a fan of light colours lip products, but it looks good on you!

  7. I feel like it would get out performed too, especially since there isn't a matte midtone brown to make it the perfect on the go palette!

  8. Aww, thank you! I'm so used to wear darker colors that anything bright scares me. hahahahha