Review & Swatches: Geek Chic Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Don't Blink, Sexy in Suspenders, We Are Coming, Bad Wolf, You Know Who, and Antequarian

Geek Chic Cosmetics is a vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free cosmetic company that sells mineral products, including eyeshadows. Don't Blink, Sexy in Suspenders, Bad Wolf, and We Are Coming are colors from the Doctor Who inspired collection called Timey Wimey and You Know Who is from the Harry Potter inspired collection Witchcraft and Wizardy. I ordered during their Black Friday sale and also got a free sample called Antequarian from their collection called Strange Aeons, inspired by H.P Lovecraft. 

The full size eye shadows each contain 1 gram and retail for $5.99 while samples are $1.25 for about half a teaspoon (I cannot find the exact amount). The regular containers are little plastic pots with sifters. The stickers are made from a paper material and so I would be careful on getting them wet if you want to keep them on. 

Don't Blink has a light silver blue with holographic microglitters. I've been using this color in the inner corners of my eyes with my cooler toned eyeshadows. It's definitely not a natural or subtle highlight, but it really adds something cool to my eyes. 

Sexy in Suspenders is similar to Don't Blink, but it's more lilac / lavender with a little bit of grey. They look great paired together, too. 

Bad Wolf has a royal purple base with green and yellow microglitters. 

We Are Coming has a dark brown base with blue, teal, and golden copper microglitters. I love this color so much. It's so unique compared to the rest of my collection. The closest comparison I can make is Urban Decay's Lounge / MAC's Mulch, and it's not even that close. Those colors have a reddy brown base with a teal duochrome. 

You Know Who has a dark, almost black, emerald base with green microglitter. It's close to Urban Decay's eyeshadow in Loaded. When used dry, the almost black emerald color really shows and using wet will really amp up the beautiful microglitter. 

Antequarian is a copper color with some iridescence. It doesn't have that same "in your face" kind of factor the other colors have, but it's still a beautiful color that can be worn every day. 

All of these colors become more amped up when they're used wet. My favorite combination would be Don't Blink, Sexy in Suspenders, and Bad Wolf (I did an eye look below) but We Are Coming is a color that I would more likely reach out for because I can use it all over my lid and go. Of course, there is fall out and so I recommend using these shadows before the face makeup. Using them wet will also reduce fall out. 

In the eye swatches below, I used NYX's White Eye Shadow Base so that there was something tacky to stick onto. I also applied the shadows using EcoTool's "Shade Brush" to really pat on the color. 

Final Thoughts: These were my first experience with mineral shadows / pigments and I'm so glad I chose these. I'm also a huge Doctor Who fan and that really helped me make my decision. I tried really hard to capture what they looked like in real life for my swatches and pictures, but they're really so much more beautiful in person. I highly recommend Geek Chic Cosmetics. 

Don't Blink

Sexy In Suspenders

Bad Wolf

We Are Coming

You Know Who


L to R: Don't Blink, Sexy in Suspenders, Bad Wolf, We Are Coming, You Know Who 
Swatched dry on the left and wet on the right


Bad Wolf used wet on the lids

Don't Blink used wet in the inner Corner. Sexy in Suspenders used dry in the middle. Bad Wolf used dry on the outer half and wet on the very end and lower lash line. 

You Know Who on the lids - blended dry on the lids and above the crease & applied wet on the lids

Antequarian used dry on the inner half and corner. We Are Coming used dry on the outer half and wet on the lower lash line.



  1. Looove YOU KNOW WHO! Everything actually looks great on you - love how you do eye makeup wth your eyelids!!! :)

    1. Awww. Thank you so much! It's taken me such a long time to figure out how to apply makeup to my eyes, especially since one of them didn't have a crease until a couple of years ago. I'm still learning, but it's nice to get some feedback.