Review & Swatches: Maybelline Instant Rewind Eraser Dark Circles in 130 Medium

The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles in 130 Medium contains 0.2 fl. oz. / 6.0 mL. This is a treatment concealer with goji berry and haloxyl. According to the packaging, this product is supposed to "instantly erases dark circles and fine lines and visibly diminishes puffiness."

The applicator is like a squishy foam like ball and you just push it onto the skin to deposit product on the undereye region. To make product come out, twist the red part to the left and you should hear some clicking. I was concerned about the applicator because I thought it was going to hold onto a lot of bacteria, but Maybelline says that the applicator is "protected with an anti-microbial system."

(For reference, I compared this to my MAC Select Sheer / Pressed powder in NC35 and the colors were very similar.)

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This product was a pretty good color match for it. It was a tiny bit lighter than the rest of my face, but it helped brighten up my eyes.

I don't like the applicator because I sometimes have to repeatedly press the applicator onto the delicate skin under my eyes.

The coverage is good enough for me when I have a decent amount of sleep. I doubt this will be enough for me during finals week when I barely sleep, though. The consistency is thin and so it can be easily spread underneath the eye. I try to pat the concealer around and then when it starts to sink it, I blend it more using my fingers. The warmth helps the finish look more natural.

I also wanted to see how much coverage I could get and what else I could use this concealer for, and so I dotted it all over my face and then buffed it into my skin using ELF's powder brush. The finish was quite nice and it showed me that on lazy days, I could use this as a light-medium coverage foundation.

Final thoughts: I like this product. I've been trying to sleep earlier and so this concealer works really well for me right now. I might need another concealer on those days where I don't sleep at all, though. For a quick makeup day, it can also be used as foundation. It didn't do everything the packaging claimed, but it still works well for me. I naturally have under eye puffiness, and so I doubt that claim would have worked for me anyway. I don't hate this, but I also don't love it. I'll probably look around for a different concealer that I can use in any situation, but for now, I will buy it again if I run out.

Where to buy / How much : This is a drugstore product and so the price varies. It should retail around $8-9.

After many clicks, it finally started to come out first as a little dot on the side of the applicator.


Before -
I have dark circles, but the day I was testing this out, I actually had a lot of sleep. I do have discoloration underneath my eyes. 

After - 
You can actually see the product under my eye. People aren't actually this close to see it like this though. It didn't blend the way I wanted to, but after a few minutes, it started to sink in better and look more natural.

Some of the fine lines around my eyes because more obvious but the darkness was better. I looked more well-rested.

After application, this is what the applicator looks like.



  1. i have this product too but i haven't used it yet.. after reading your review i'm gonna try it :) thanks girl!

    1. Thanks for the comment! I hope it works out well for you!