Review & Swatches: Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Youthful-Look 24H Foundation SPF 25 in Medium Y320

I received this foundation as a PR Sample / for free from Influenster and Marc Jacobs Beauty.

The Marc Jacobs Beauty Shameless Youthful-Look 24H Foundation SPF 25 in Medium Y320* is the newest complexion product from Marc Jacobs! It's supposed to be a self setting natural finish foundation that gives you a youthful and health appearance for 24 hours. It retails for $46 dollars here and contains 1.08 ounces / 32 mL or product.

This foundation is a bit of an odd one because it does look absolutely beautiful and looks like skin, but I feel it on my face unlike other skin-like foundations. 

It's a quick setting foundation and so I would recommend going in sections at a time with maybe a damp sponge. I normally dot and spread the foundation a little bit with my fingers and then blend it out with using a Beauty Blender or Pony Effect Smooth Dough Puff. A brush also works, but my skin is more on the dry side and I've found that using a damp sponge helps the foundation look more seamless. This foundation is also on the heavier side and applying it with a brush leaves a thicker layer and therefore heavier feel on my face.

I read a tip a couple weeks ago to use the Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist before applying foundation to help with application and it's been a game changer especially with this Marc Jacobs foundation when I want to use it with a brush. A product like the Pixi Glow Mist might help you the same way the Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist does though. It's kind of like using an oil with your foundation, but the mist helps keep it lighter and doesn't break down the foundation as fast. With that dewy base, the foundation glides on a bit better if you're struggling with blending.

Even with using a sponge or diluting it a bit with a dewy spray, I still get a decent medium coverage. It can also be sheered out, but you should expect it to be medium coverage from the get go. I usually go for buildable light to medium coverage foundation and so that might be a possible reason on why it feels heavy to me?

Bare faced

Applied on the left side

Applied on the whole face



This photo is a bit dim, but it helped show the texture a bit more since the brightness wasn't washing out my face. I didn't see anything get emphasized except for the odd spots around my nose. I always experience this problem and so while it does get a pass with me, I know that it can be a dealbreakers for others. 

In the above B&A shots, I did not apply any primer or base to help with the foundation. I also just applied it with a damp Beauty Blender I think it looks so good! It looks like I'm not wearing any foundation at all and it still maintained a skin like finish and glow. I can definitely see it being a great foundation for when I want to take blog photos with no up close flash photography. 

Taken with flash right after application

This unflattering photo was taken after 3 hours of wear outside in humid air with flash and no powder. I actually wore the foundation out and then took the above picture before all of the B&A pictures. It wasn't until after I got back that I realized I still had time to take full faced pictures with natural lighting. I wore a bit more foundation in the above "After" photo and applied it with a brush and so there was more product on my face. I can definitely see it in this photo since the flashback is more obvious. I didn't get grey or ashy and so that's a true claim from Marc Jacobs, but it's definitely not flashback-free.

I didn't apply it with powder or primer and I do not like how oily the center of my face looks with just 3 hours of wear. The flash does exaggerate it though and so a quick powdering of my t-zone and cheeks would've been good enough to handle that shine for my combination skin. If you're more oily than me and don't powder, I would stay away from this foundation. 

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It does not last 24H hours but my face didn't feel dry which I'm sure is due to the snow mushroom (aka "nature's dupe for hyaluronic acid" according to Marc Jacobs). Also true to MJ's claims, my face still looked plumped and youthful after 12 hours of wear. After testing it for multiple days, I do recommend setting it well with a powder even though there's a claim of it being self setting since my t-zone still gets pretty shiny from the hydrating formula. 

Final thoughts: Honestly, the only downside for me is how heavy it feels but I can see why people would skip this foundation based on other points I've made. It definitely does not last as long as Marc Jacobs claims it does and there's a flashback issue if you use to much. It's kind of bad for me to say as a Beauty Blogger, but I only read the claims with a grain of salt and instead I mostly base my thoughts on what I see regardless of the claims. I've tried so many products that don't match up with their crazy claims (like who actually wears foundation for 24 hours) but still performed well. For my experience with this foundation, I see a slightly finicky quick setting formula that gives me a true to name "youthful" appearance. I would recommend a hydrating skincare routine before application though as it does help the foundation apply on better. As a normal consumer, this foundation can be more effort than it's worth and I totally get that. I love it for  when I want higher coverage and when I'm planning on taking non-flash photography. I highly recommend getting a sample of this foundation if you can since even though I like it, there are better foundations out there that are less finicky for around the same price.

*As noted, I did receive this product for free from Influenster and Marc Jacobs Beauty. All thoughts are my own and 100% honest.

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