Review & Swatches: Make Up For Ever Andreja Pejic Artist Palette (Pearl Beige, Pink Granite, Amber Brown, Celestial Earth)

Make Up For Ever Be Bold. Be Unexpected. Be You. Andreja Pejić Palette contains four eyeshadows - I526 Pearl Beige, I544 Pink Granite, I662 Amber Brown, and D652 Celestial Earth. This palette was released on July 16th, 2015 but by the time I wrote this review (August 24, 2015), but palette isn't available to purchase on Sephora's website anymore. Since none of these shadows are limited edition, I still wanted to post up this review!

MUFE Artist Shadows contain 0.07 ounces of product and retail for $21 each, but Sephora offers a "buy more save more" type off deal where you can get up to a $20 discount if you buy 3. You can also buy palettes that hold 1-3 shadows as well or you can just place them in magnetic palettes like Z Palettes. 

Top left - I526 Pearl Beige
Bottom Left - I544 Pink Granite
Top Right - I662 Amber Brown
Bottom Right - D652 Celestial Earth

Honestly, I was going to get the Jamie Chung palette because I love her. The Andreja Pejic palette's coloring seemed to fit me better (I'll explain later) and so I decided to get this one instead. 

If you're like me and didn't know, the "I" stands for Iridescent and the "D" stands for Diamond. 

Even when I swatched them, they felt really smooth and soft but not powdery. This might seem like a hyperbole, but the eyeshadows almost feel like a cream. 

I526 Pearl Beige - On Sephora, it looks like a warm light tan (close to sand) beige. For me, it looks like a slightly pinky off white shade. I've been really into pinky, burgundy, and red based eyeshadows and this shade pairs up really well with those shades as a highlight on the eyes. For paler skin tones, I can even see this working as a face highlight when used very lightly.

I544 Pink Granite - The shade online looks like an iridescent dark brown, but once again, this shade is not that. It's a taupey midtone purple with a bit of pinkness to it. In my eyes, it's kind of like a taupe purple mixed with Pearl Beige to have that pinky sheen. For pictures, I had to layer this shade up to match what the pigmentation is in real life. 

I really really loved what I saw online for these two shades and so I was disappointed that they weren't warmer. Looking at these shades individually and unbiasedly, I do really like them. They're just not what I would choose. 

Purple tones are supposed to work well for brown eyes, but I just normally don't gravitate towards them. Even so, this shade is one of the better taupey purple shades I have in my collection. 

I662 Amber Brown - Warm copper brown that looks more golden depending on the angle. It might also look more orange on some skin tones as well. This shade reminds me of Urban Decay's Smog (one of my favorites) but a bit more golden. 

D652 Celestial Brown  - Not a surprise? But Celestial Brown is not as dark as what Sephora's website shows but is closer to what the promo pictures for this palette is. This shade is a warm dark brown with some glitter. It's almost a darker and more brown version of Amber Brown. I guess the glitter is where the Diamond part comes in but the shadow doesn't feel gritty or sharp. I can barely feel or see a difference between the Iridescent and Diamond shadows

I had to separate these two shades because they look almost identical swatched on the eyes. Yes, Celestial Brown (applied in the outer corner) is darker but it almost looks like a slight shadow / natural contour of the eyes. I would still wear these two together, but I wouldn't recommend buying these two in the same order since they're so similar. I would rather get Amber Brown (applied in the inner corner) and a darker matte shade to add dimension. 

All four of these shadows did not need primers or bases to be this pigmented and smooth. I did not see creasing unless I really packed the shadow on in one go. I would go layer by layer and blend in between since they're pigmented. 

Final thoughts: Out of these four shades, I would purchase Celestial Brown and maybe Pearl Beige individually. I have a million shades similar to Amber Brown and I rarely use taupey shades now that I'm back to be a warm brunette. Even so, you won't go wrong with the Artist Shadows. All of these were very smooth and pigmented without fall out. Even if I don't like the colors, I would still wholeheartedly recommend them to those who love these shades. Since they're a bit pricey individually, I would save up to buy the palettes or make purchases of at least 3 pans each during Sephora's sales.  

* 9/6/2015 - I already knew I could remove the foam thing around the pans, but I just realized that there is a magnet under the pans so that I can remove and put in different shades into the container as well. 


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